At Hode's Place, families are able to wait at a comfortable and spacious area while kids are able to have fun. Providing an outside playground with slides, swings and more! Large groups are also able to enjoy due to the spacious area the restaurant boasts of. Upon reservation, Hode's Staff is able to cater for any sized group and prepare the details as asked.


Inside Hode's Place, there is a special event for everyone. Offering preparations for birthdays, we can allocate decorations, piñata, birthday cake, and food for the required amount. Whether a meeting, banquet, corporate retreat, or family reunion, Hodes Place can help to make your event just right!

Hode's Place specialties include our popular Maya Steak, as well as a taste of the Lebanese dishes from our traditional family recipes. We offer a safe and tranquil atmosphere, which allows you to take leisurely walks and have picnics in our clean and well kept back yard. Our dedicated staff ensures that your visit to Belize is a memorable one. No matter what the day brings, whether it be a visit to the town’s popular market or the ancient Mayan temples, we ensure an unforgettable experience at Hode's Place.